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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The game can be played by one player

  2. If you receive a card with orders to move your marker back, do not move it back beyond the ‘Start’ space but leave it on the ‘Start’ space.

  3. If you received the same card in the next round, you may skip to the next card in the deck.

  4. It is not possible to take two cards in succession: Anna does not pick up a ‘Case’ card since she has already picked up a card ‘Lesson’ in this turn.

  5. In prospect, the game can be computerised for use remotely.

  6. From experience, the game works best in the group of 20-25 people, subdivided into 4-5 small groups: one round of played individually within small group, one round as a team in competition with other groups. In group competition rounds, it is essential for the team to discuss options.

  7. The game was developed for corporate sector (see USD instead of the points in the photo) but it could be a taster of what the deliverable is likely to be for the public sector.

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