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Global Informality Project
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The Global Informality Project publishes a leading online resource for 'ways of getting things done.' The online encyclopedia and the published volumes of invisible, yet powerful informal practices are made possible by a remarkable collaboration of scholars from five continents.                                                                   

Mapping informal practices around the globe
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The Global Informality Project collects studies on informal practices from societies around the world.

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ANTICORRP: Anticorruption Policies Revisited.

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ANTICORRP was a large-scale research project funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme. The project started in March 2012 and ended in February 2017. The full name is Anticorruption Policies Revisited: Global Trends and European Responses to the Challenge of Corruption, GA No. 290529

INFORM: Closing the Gap between Formal and Informal Institutions in West Balkans
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INFORM is a project that brings together teams from nine European countries to conduct multidisciplinary social science research on formal and informal institutions in the Balkans. The three-year research project, launched in March 2016, is carried out in the framework of the Horizon 2020 program, GA No 693537

MARKETS: Mapping Uncertainties, Challenges and Future Opportunities of Emerging Markets: Informal Barriers, Business Environments and Future Trends in Eastern Europe, The Caucasus and Central Asia.

MARKETS EU’s MSCA-ITN project GA No 861034

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